Paid media marketing
Defining goals
Paid media marketing

In 2017 social network ad spending will surpass $21 billion, making up for 25.5% of all digital ad spending and that’s expected to top $31 billion by 2019.

A long time ago, marketers could, with relative ease, create accounts on nearly any social channel and those accounts would grow. Fast forward to today and most social networks are drastically reducing the reach of organic posts. Paid media will become more and more important to business looking to increase their visibility. Due to the increasing fatigue users develop after being exposed for so long to large ads, popups or rollover ads, marketers need to start looking into other, more effective ways to increase their business visibility. And the answer will be to create good content, to collaborate with other businesses and influencers, to run ads on Facebook, to promote tweets, to run advertising campaigns.

ok, but what will you do?
We will help you navigate the different options and create an action plan that will allow you grow at the best possible rate, or give you other options to help you reach your customers more effectively like influencers collaborations or other media ads.