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luxeat header
luxeat header

Luxeat is a blog written by Aistė Misevičiūtė, a fashion model and one of the top 5 foodie bloggers in the world. Our job was to create a website that would showcase all of her foodie adventures.

luxeat desktop
High-quality visuals Improved reader experience
Having worked with luxeat before, this time our responsibility was doubled and we wanted to give her a tool to grow and not just a website. The website had to remain very simple, so simple in fact that nothing other than inserting some unformatted text and some images were needed, even if it was done via mobile. So we set out to make as many automation as possible while providing a nice custom design.
luxeat detail
luxeat screen one
luxeat screen two
Bold and minimal
Minimal doesn't need to be plain and subtle. A bold serif typeface title will make a strong impact when used in a modern and clean design.
  • luxeat typography one
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Behind the scenes
Show your personality
Bold photography, personal photos and friendly communication give more personality to a website and help to engage with the reader. And if you have so many diverse things to show, you definitely should make a bold statement.
  • luxeat page
A responsive design
The bigger part of Luxeat audience uses mobile devices, so it was very important to adjust the website for screens of all shapes and sizes.
  • luxeat tablet
  • luxeat phone
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