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Vestuvės Italijoje

vestuves italijoje hero image
vestuves italijoje hero image

Dovilė is a wedding planner and a founder of Vestuvės Italijoje (eng. Wedding in Italy). Our role was to transform the online presence and position her amongst the top of her competition.

vestuves italijoje
Generate qualified leads
Dovilė was growing her business steadily but didn’t know for sure how to achieve the results she wanted. Since she is running the business alone, a lot of stress fell onto her hands. Helping her prepare a presentational document she could send out to clients and adding a section of frequently asked questions relieved some of the weight off her shoulders. In order for her to grow and attract the higher paying clients, we had to go back and study the target audience. We defined the new user and took the design into a more luxurious branding direction.
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Elegance and sophistication
Finding the right typeface for this project was a challenge. Not only it had to be available in the Lithuanian language, we also had a limited budget. Luckily there are quite a lot of good options for free typography online.
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Custom photography
Details that matter
Great photography is one of the key elements of a great website. As a wedding planner Dovilė had access to amazing professional photography galleries from her newlyweds. It’s awesome to be able to work with that, but it’s also challenging as you need to find a balance between the different styles.
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A responsive design
For screens of all shapes and sizes. The website is designed to adapt gracefully to all kinds of screens, big and small.
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