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About pedro and aiste
About pedro and aiste

Pedro Heitor

Strategy & Front-end development

Specializing in business strategy, front-end development (CSS, JQuery, XHTML) and open source content management systems like WordPress. Pedro gathered more than 12 years of experience in the field and is eager to explore new grounds. A very versatile person he excels in problem solving and creative solutions. He also makes sure the projects keep its simplicity, friendly UX and clear functionality.

AistÄ— Martinaityte

Graphic & Web Design

Focused on the details, committed and determined, AistÄ— will always deliver a quality design no matter what. If there is one thing you can be sure of is that you can trust her technical skills, knowledge and creativity to help you define your project's new look. With a passion for typography and composition, she is a happy pixel peeper that keeps tweaking things until they are just perfect.
Having a designer and a developer work together on projects from an early stage will allow for a more seamless process and eliminate all but the most stubborn hiccups. No more thinking that the design you loved isn't going to work, no more backtracking. Enjoy the stress-free trusting partnership we offer.

Side Projects

We don't just work for clients but also partner up with other creatives to work on diverse projects. It's interesting to see things from a different perspective.

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we the Startupreneurs
we the Startupreneurs

We the Startupreneurs

Even while working closely with clients on diverse projects, in our free time we look for new challenges both professionally and personally.

Together with InfinVision we crafted a web-based tool to help clients communicate more effectively with the designers about their aesthetic preferences and likes. Our goal was to create something unique and useful for us and other designers. An effort to contribute to the design community.

We are curious and we enjoy the challenges. We dedicate a lot of our time increasing our knowledge in different fields. And what better way to learn than making personal projects.
Escape the couch
we the youtubers
we the youtubers

We the Youtubers

Being an international couple, we started filming moments of our son’s life and sharing them with the family so that the distance would feel a little smaller.
Over time, we got more and more interested in making better videos. Just recently we have started a youtube channel where we share short stories of our family’s life and adventures. Hoping to give ideas and inspire other parents.

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We the Instagramers

As well as creating digital experiences, Pedro has always loved to take photographs. Long before digital cameras appeared, he used to take photos with a Pentax k1000 and to develop the black and white films at home. After Lukas was born, Aiste also acquired an interest in photography wishing to capture all those sweet moments. Lately, they started sharing them on Instagram.