UX & UI design
Defining goals
UX/UI Design

Two commonly thrown around terms, User Experience Design and User Interface Design are two elements of the design process.

UX is a more technical field where we will focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty, our goal is to allow a pleasurable interaction between the end-user and the company, it services and it’s products.

UI design is the visual field, the look and feel of the website, the personality the micro-interactions. Good UI will create emotional responses to the end user, they can make your brand fun or formal. At Inkilas we focus on customer analysis, research and branding to allow a clear storyline to your digital experience. Being strong believers in responsiveness and seamless transition between screens we create UI prototypes to make sure it adapts to all device screen sizes and we oversee the implementation closely.

So how will you help me?
Initially, we will focus on strategy and content, we analyse your business and your competition, your product and your customer so we can help you develop or adapt your content to your customer. From there we wireframe and prototype your digital experience so we can test and iterate it to perfection. The last stage is to coordinate with both the UI designer and the developer and after launch to analyse the impact of the changes.