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Shah Nanji Nagsi

Shah Nanji Nagsi Exports agricultural theme
Shah Nanji Nagsi Exports agricultural theme

Shah Nanji Nagsi (SNN) is one of India’s largest grain processors and traders having the world’s biggest companies amongst their customers.

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Shah Nanji Nagsi (SNN) approached Inkilas to help them transform their web presence so that the brand would stand out among their competitors and grow consistently over the next few years.

Their old website and logo were out of date and didn’t do justice to their business. The agricultural commodity processing and trading company that strives to be ahead of the market and grow continuously required a solid representation of their brand. Every year SNN participates in expositions all over the world, so it was extremely important for them to have a website they would be happy to show to their prospect clients.

logos shahnn

The outcome

We started with the logo. Inspired with paddy fields and grain silhouette, we explored different options for the brand mark. It was not a full-scale brand project but gave Shah Nanji Nagsi a foundation to build upon.

We developed SNN vision into a fully functional cross-platform website with an easy management system, based on WordPress while bringing the aesthetics to the high level and standard that Shah Nanji Nagsi are known for.

“It was an excellent experience for us from the beginning till the end. Inkilas always gave honest and practical advice after understanding our requirements, whether it was about SEO, modern design trends, photography, or anything else. Their speed of work was extremely fast and their friendly follow-ups for information from our end were the main reason for our website to complete on time. We would probably do many more projects with them in the future.”

Javan Shah, managing director SNN


The designer fell in love with a beautiful minimal sans serif typeface designed by Thomas Gillett. Built upon a geometric foundation with modern details, it results in an optically balanced, friendly typeface. Plus, it looks great on screens.

typography shahnn agricultural theme

Color scheme

Through close collaboration, together with the client, we set a colour palette that would retain the traditional values of an agricultural company but at the same time would represent a modernized agriculture industry that it is today.

agricultural color palette
agricultural theme agricultural theme aplications
agricultural theme folder
agricultural brand identity


Before jumping into the design of the website we created wireframes stripped of any visual design or branding elements to determine user needs and user journeys.

We defined what the items on each page should be based on user needs. During this phase we also set what content will be on the pages, what call to actions will be used and what information the user will need.

wireframes Shahnn

Design & development

Starting with the homepage, we set the tone of the design for the rest of the pages. Collaborating with the client, we explored several styles until we found the one that was in line with the target audience. After the designs of all pages were ready and signed off, we moved to the last phase – development.

We developed the HTML, CSS, and Javascript in a manner that was easy to customize on a page-by-page basis. This created a front-end system that was simple to build on, enabling SNN to quickly add new pages and additional content on key pages into the future.

screenshot agricultural theme
screenshot agricultural theme

A touch of motion

Micro-animations across the website can enrich interaction and spark more interest in certain areas, like for instance the history timeline below. An otherwise long section, presented in chunks with interactive navigation becomes more engaging to go through.

Photography direction

For almost any website project we can’t stress enough the importance of authentic professional photography. This was no exception. Luckily from day one, we were on the same page with the client. Javan hired a skilful professional photographer Niqita Gupta that did a great job considering the limitations of the space, such as low light. Together with Niqita, we defined the photography necessities for the website project during mini skype sessions. Through that relationship, we were able to influence decisions on photography choices and improve the brand presentation.
  • photo agricultural theme
  • photo agricultural theme
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Handcrafted for all screen sizes
Responsive website design provides an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling, across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).
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  • mobile agricultural theme