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My Visual Brief

my visual brief header
my visual brief header

My Visual Brief is a web-based tool we created together with Taika Ström to help clients communicate more effectively with the designers about their aesthetic preferences.

my visual brief desktop


Easy and fast tool, visually appealing

The goal was to create a tool for the design community that would help avoid miscommunications and would lead to a more effective and rewarding partnership between the client and the designer.

my visual brief detail
my visual brief screen one
my visual brief screen two


A set of custom icons

To help the user create and fill out a brief as quickly as possible we create a set of custom icons meant to facilitate and speed up the time it takes to choose the next steps.
  • my visual brief icons one
  • my visual brief icons two

A way to improve client comunications

A product of needs

We believe in the need to improve the way designers and clients communicate on projects. After years of working in the design field we felt the need to tweak our own design and development process to fit an ever-changing industry and to prevent past mistakes, and as the result, My Visual Brief was born.
  • my visual brief page
A responsive design
The online platform was designed to adapt gracefully to all kinds of screens, big and small.
  • my visual brief tablet one
  • my visual brief tablet two