• Client – Taika Ström,
  • website and online platform design,
  • iconography

From a Birdie

from a birdie header
from a birdie header

From a Birdie helps you to create and print a book of letters written by your friends and family for someone´s special occasion. Our role was to take their website and online platform to the next level.

from a birdie desktop


Increase orders, improve user experience

The goal of this project was to create a more friendly and familiar tone of voice and to make a better user experience in the book creation process. We also had to consider the need to improve search engine visibility by designing ideas pages to help the target audience discover the service.

from a birdie detail
from a birdie screen one
from a birdie screen two


A set of custom icons

As a visual aid to their services, we supplemented From A Birdie with custom iconography.
  • from a birdie icons one
  • from a birdie icons two

Custom elements

A product of love

To make sure their customer feels the warmth of a gift made by family members and close friends we designed custom elements meant to give the feeling of a handmade product, a product of love.
  • from a birdie page
A responsive design
The client’s priority was to be iPad friendly so while it can still be viewed on smaller screens it’s best optimized for desktop and iPad.
  • from a birdie tablet
  • from a birdie tablet two