• eCommerce website design and development for a fahion brand


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Ohmy is a fashion brand created by Lithuanian designer Ugnė Martinaitytė. Our job was to re-design the existing online shop in order to improve user experience and increase sales.


Turn visitors into customers

Ohmy e-shop wasn’t getting the desired results. Even though it drove some traffic to the website through marketing campaigns on facebook, google, etc. it didn’t convert the visitors into customers. After evaluating the current website’s performance we defined that not only the visuals of the website had to be brought up to date but potential objections ( How long this item ships? Can I return it? Is this website secure? etc. ) had to be addressed right away.

ecommerce homepage
contact page

Product page

Item hierarchy

Product page needs to respond to customer needs and respond to all the questions one might have, thus we rearranged the structure of the product page so that the most relevant information is on the top of the page. We also changed the functionality of the size guide and custom order and added delivery and payment information.

product page

about the designer

Behind the scenes

Part of what drives and motivates people to purchase more costly designer’s clothes is the story of the brand. We wanted to highlight the philosophy behind Ohmy brand and show the personality of the designer behind it. As the opposite of fast fashion, this brand takes special care about manufacturing clothes locally and saving as much fabric as possible.
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Handcrafted for all screen sizes
The e-shop features a flexible, responsive design, which scales down to fit any screen size, from desktops down to mobile phones. Fonts, images, navigations and page styles have been designed to give customers a comfortable browsing experience.
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  • site on phone
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