• Visual direction,
  • website design

Taika Ström

taikastrom header
taikastrom header

Taika Ström is a creative branding agency that we work with on a regular basis as freelancers. Our role was to create visual direction for the brand and a new digital presence.

taikastrom desktop


A matching tone of voice. Inspiring visuals

We had to find a unique way to present their services, one that would match the tone of voice that the brand already had and visuals that would inspire and intrigue the user. Inspiration came from the meaning of the name Taika Ström – magic stream or flow. We explored different patterns and textures seeking the essential elements of life. And everything came together in organic shapes of water reflections. Taika Ström is all about finding your flow like it says and so we wanted the website to reflect brand’s vision and encourage the user to swim upstream together.

reflection animation
taikastrom screen one
taikastrom screen two


Workshop cover

Workshops are one of the main services provided by Taika Ström. We created visuals based on the brand’s core elements exploring geometric patterns.

taikastrom poster

Custom elements

Details that matter

We explored the elements that are essential to life in our culture: earth, air, fire and water.
  • taikastrom patterns one
  • taikastrom patterns two
  • taikastrom patterns three
A responsive design
For screens of all shapes and sizes. The website is designed to adapt gracefully to all kinds of screens, big and small.
  • taikastrom tablet
  • taikastrom phone one
  • taikstrom phone